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This report forms part of a research programme led by the Regional Network for Equity in Health in East and Southern Africa (EQUINET) through Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC) and University study focuses on the participation of African actors in global health governance. In an attempt to better understand the spaces and places within which participation can occur, and particularly the ways in which global actors such as the Global Fund and the World Bank provide such opportunities, the research sought to explore the following questions: • How do the Global Fund and World Bank provide spaces for participation in global health governance processes? • To what extent can African actors nationally and regionally extend their agency within these participatory spaces? • What role does the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its own governance play in the interface between African actors and the Global Fund and World Bank?


April, 2014


This visual summary is based on the EQUINET / IDRC funded research project conducted by University of Sheffield, Queen Mary University of London and St Andrews University in conjunction with partners from the University of Zambia and the Ministry of Health, Zambia. The paper is entitled ‘African participation and partnership in performance-based financing: A case study in global health policy’, June 2014.

University of Sheffield





The research was summarised by Mihaela Gruia (@mihagruia) and graphic designed by Annette Simson (@annettesimson).