Data and engineering research support

Researchers are competing for attention in a world saturated with information.

Cut through the noise by creating an appealing visual summary of your work to share with non-technical audiences.

On this page, we present examples of how we’ve taken research in data and engineering and turned it into accessible and visual formats.

Data and Engineering Research Support

Data and engineering visual summaries

Data and engineering research support


I first came across Mihaela after seeing her give a very impressive pitch at Startup Weekend Sheffield. Research Retold struck me as something that nicely met the needs of the academic community and I was immediately interested in getting involved. Mihaela was able to accurately identify my needs as a customer and delivered an excellent final product which has resulted in quite an impressive amount of impact.

Dr Adam Hill, Department of Engineering, University of Derby

Data and engineering research support

The visual summary significantly enhanced our ability to communicate with non-academic audiences, share the key ideas behind the Data Journeys methodology, showcase work going on at the School, and make people aware of opportunities for collaboration. We’ve used the visual summary to create postcards for distribution and we’ve also used it in a piece in a national publication aimed at information professionals. 

Dr Jo Bates, Information School, University of Sheffield

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