Examples of research in visual format

Research Retold has worked with over 50 researchers to turn their research into a visual format.

We’ve served researchers from academic institutions such as the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds, Derby, Birmingham, Leeds Beckett and Queen Mary.

Our team also collaborated with the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning units, including WYG and Fairtrade International.

Charities and social enterprises have also benefitted from our services, such as in2scienceUK, the New Entrepreneurs Foundation and MyKindaFuture.

Clients of Research Retolda

Research disciplines we work with

See examples of research projects in visual format on the topics of mental health, public health, music and wellbeing, and social housing and wellbeing.

International Development Research Support

We work with monitoring and evaluation managers involved in projects on international assistance and international development.

We collaborate with researchers who specialised in intellectual property law, company law, EU trade and labour standards.


Politics and International Relations Research Support

We turn research on international assistance, UK Parliament petitions, or global health into compelling and visual policy briefs and summaries.

Research Support for other disciplines

We communicate the impact of charities and international organisations that are making a positive difference in the world.

Data and Engineering Research Support1

We collaborate with experts in sound engineering and organisational data flows and turn their research in visual formats. 

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