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Knowledge Café on creative methods of research dissemination

University of Liverpool

September 2019

Read our blog on creative methods for research dissemination


Annual Research and Enterprise Conference

Leeds Beckett University

June 2019

Live Demo Day – Pitching for alumni and entrepreneurs of NEF

New Entrepreneurs Foundation (now Centre for Entrepreneurs)

January 2019

One year anniversary of Research Retold


Research Retold, Leeds, #RRTurnsOne 

November 2018

Read our blog on turning one


Thriving Minds Conference – Mental health in the workplace

Thrive Law

October 2018

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Recent Posts

Five Tips for Effectively Engaging with Businesses

In this post, we share five tips for effectively engaging with businesses, as revealed in a recent workshop with members of York Management School. Engaging with businesses is important to ensuring research has an impact. It can lead to interesting projects that...

Presenting for audiences outside of academia

In this blog post, Julian Gosliga discusses the topic of presenting for audiences outside of academia. Julian is a Research Associate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. In his current role and during his PhD, Julian has...

Starting a postdoc in a pandemic

To discuss the unique aspects of starting a postdoc in a pandemic, we’re collaborating with Dr Ben Purvis, from the University of Sheffield. Ben is an early career researcher in sustainability science, urban studies and modelling in the School of Architecture. He...

The benefits of virtual networking for researchers

To discuss the benefits of virtual networking for researchers we’re collaborating with Mariam Abood from Scientistt. Mariam is a Masters student of Women’s Studies at the University of York and Content Manager for Scientistt.net. Scientistt is an exciting new platform...

Diversifying your skill set during your PhD

To discuss the importance of diversifying your skillset during your PhD, we’re collaborating with Cher Farrugia from the University of Sheffield. Cher is a PhD student in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health. Her work investigates the role of oral...

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