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In July 2016 25 scholars, activists, practitioners, civil society, and representatives of intergovernmental institutions gathered in Sheffield to give their differing voices to the challenge of aligning economic development with environmental sustainability. What ensued was a rich debate with many points of consensus as well as contention. The ideas and arguments that emerged during the workshop can be summarised into a number of themes that help present their collective insights and arguments to a broader audience. One standout argument was the observation that, despite the economy being just one part of society, economic narratives dominate discussions about sustainability. The thematised arguments in this visual summary that flowed freely during this workshop represent the beginnings of this process


October 03, 2016


This visual summary is based on the workshop entitled ‘Designing Sustainable Economies: Translating ideas and research into policy and practice’ (Sheffield, UK on the 28-29 July 2016). This workshop was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of a Future Research Leader fellowship awarded to Dr Hayley Stevenson,

University of Sheffield





The research was summarised by Victoria Hasson (@victoriahasson) and graphic designed by Radina Metodieva.