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We create resources and materials that help the wider community of researchers, communicators, editors and designers. These products complement our services and provide concrete and practical research communication resources to help you in your journey.

First edition: Guide to communicating research beyond academia

This is our flagship publication launched on our first year anniversary. A packed 32-page guide to help you develop a 2-page visual summary based on your research.

Second edition: Guide to communicating research

In spring 2022 we’re launching the second and improved version of our flagship ‘Guide to communicating research beyond academia’. This will be a much larger publication covering a wide range of research communication formats, not just the visual summary. Practical and concrete, packed with useful advice and tips for you to take your research communication efforts to the next level.

Season 1: Podcast Research Retold

In Jan 2022 we’re launching the first season of our research communication podcast. This will be a 10-episode season. Each episode will be packed with practical tips and actionable insights. Stay tuned for more details.

Video course: Introduction to research communication

In November 2021 we’re planning to launch our first ever video course. This will be an introduction to research communication and will be on-demand, available to watch for those who are new to the topic, or those who need a refresher.

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