We are honoured to have worked with such a variety of researchers and evaluators from universities and organisations across the UK and Europe.

Read below some testimonials about our collaborations:

Prof Julie MacLeavy, Professor of Economic Geography, University of Bristol

Over a period of six months, Mihaela and her team worked with me to produce four outputs that clearly conveyed the results of a funded project on the geographies of austerity. With their advice and guidance, I was able to translate complex research findings into a language and style of communication that is accessible and interesting to non-experts and additionally develop a strategy for enabling my research to make a demonstrable contribution beyond the academy.

Through conversations with Mihaela, I was pushed to reflect upon how I communicate with public and third sector organisations, as well as the general public, and receive expert insight on how best to deliver my research findings to these diverse audiences going forward.

Prof Mark Connelly, Professor of Modern British History, University of Kent

We had a great time working with Mihaela and the team. We were delighted to be able to work with people who understood what we wanted to achieve and then expertly guided us through the process of creating the right message and right look. 

Dr John Holmes, Reader in Alcohol Policy, Sheffield Alcohol Research Group at ScHARR

Mihaela and her team worked with us to produce a clean and coherent set of infographics and supporting materials such as a presentation and supporting graphics for a webpage. They were incredibly responsive to our feedback and willing to take on board more difficult tasks such as making all the materials editable so that we could update them over time. 

Harveen Kour, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager, Fairtrade International

It has been a delight working with Mihaela and her team! The transformation of a very text heavy report into sharp and easy to understand visuals was astounding. Throughout this engagement, Mihaela has been responsive to our needs, solution-oriented and flexible in the ideation which led to a very dynamic creative process. This enabled us to reflect critically on how to communicate research better and we look forward to working together on many more exciting projects.

Dr Janet Harris, Reader in Knowledge Mobilisation, Scharr, University of Sheffield

Research Retold collaborated with us to produce key messages for an evaluation. This meant working closely with a range of stakeholders in the project. Everyone was very happy with the graphic. It is being used to increase understanding of the service and inform decision making – which was what we hoped it would do!

Dr Celine Tan, Director of the Centre for Law, Regulation and Governance of the Global Economy, Associate Professor, University of Warwick

Research Retold have collaborated with us to initiate and develop a series of policy briefs for our research, teaching and knowledge transfer centre that reflects the style and substance of each of the individual pieces of research in the policy briefs, and that of the centre as a whole. They have the ability to distil down complex ideas into visually appealing and textually succinct platforms for broader policy engagement and public consumption.

Their unique selling point is their academic empathy which enables them to drill down and understand what it is we are trying to get at in text and visuals that other people can understand! Working with them has been insightful and joyful.

Prof Cristina Leston-Bandeira, Professor of Politics, POLIS, University of Leeds

I had produced a report for the Petitions Committee in the UK Parliament and wanted to have something that communicated the report in a quicker and more effective manner, thinking of busy politicians and officials. ResearchRetold did this for me. They produced a fantastic brief, accompanied by very useful material that I could easily integrate into social media.

I have been very impressed with them. Throughout the process, they were very good at making sure they understood which key messages I wanted to focus on. I was very impressed with their professionalism and on how they built in feedback to fully understand what I was after for my audience. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them. It’s been a true delight working with them.

Kyla Reid, Associate Director - Programme Management & Policy Advice, WYG

We have worked with Research Retold on three evaluation projects since 2016. It’s much more useful when these projects are put it into a format that is more easy to communicate to other people, particularly non-specialists. Research Retold has got a good base from where to grow, and I look forward to working with them in the future and to see their work on other projects! 

Dr Ana Aliverti, Director of the Criminal Justice Centre, Associate Professor, School of Law, University of Warwick

Mihaela has been fantastic at listening to our objectives and taking extreme care in producing a visual summary which has been widely praised by the intended audiences. She and her team offered a sterling service throughout the process of production and rectified issues diligently, always making sure we were satisfied with final product.

Prof Caroline Dyer, Professor of Education and International Development, POLIS, University of Leeds

I heard about Research Retold through a colleague during a discussion on how to improve our impact in the university. As a busy academic, it’s very nice having someone who sits on your head and keeps you in the loop. I really appreciated how adaptable and collaborative Mihaela was – we had a really nice working relationship!

Dr Amy Barnes, Lecturer in Public Health Policy, University of Sheffield

I am looking forward to sharing the visual summary widely. Thanks very much for being so accommodating with making the changes we wanted throughout the process and for the patience as we ourselves worked out what we needed our key messages to be. For us, this has been a key part of the process and will also help us as we prepare other related outputs from the research. 

Dr Stephen Connelly, Assistant Professor, School of Law, University of Warwick

Taking a lead from my time as a finance lawyer, I had been pushing for a briefing series for some time, and Research Retold had the knowhow to bring it into being. Mihaela’s professional approach delivered exactly what I was looking for, from the initial planning stage for the whole series to the swift turnaround of my own briefing note.

Dr Ben Farrand, Associate Professor, School of Law, University of Warwick

Working with Research Retold was an enlightening and rewarding experience, giving me a much better insight into how academic research can be translated into specific policy proposals for a non-expert audience. Mihaela’s support in condensing complex issues and providing helpful critiques of numerous drafts was invaluable. See the policy brief…

Dr Jo Bates, Lecturer in Information Politics and Policy, University of Sheffield

The visual summary significantly enhances our ability to communicate with non-academic audiences, share the key ideas behind the Data Journeys methodology, showcase work going on at the School, and make people aware of opportunities for collaboration. We’ve used the visual summary to create postcards for distribution at various events, and we’ve also used it in a piece in a national publication aimed at information professionals. Everyone has commented on how well produced the visualisation is. See the visual summary…

Pf Adrian Smith, Professor of Human Geography and Dean for Research, Queen Mary University London

The briefing document was very well received. It really assisted with the presentation of our research findings from the second stage of our research project and enabled them to be portrayed in an engaging manner which for our policy audience was very important. As always the work that Research Retold undertook has been excellent and we are delighted with the impact it has had and the clarity it provides to policy audiences. See the visual summary…

Ewan Snedden, Director Monitoring and Evaluation, WYG

The team are happy with the briefs created by Research Retold, they look great. For me, the differentiator is that the Research Retold team are able to do nice graphics, but also (crucially) engage with the material and get it across in a clever way, i.e. add value. We have occasionally used non-UK based, cheaper graphics houses who don’t do the latter.

Sophie Timms, Principal Consultant, WYG

We were very happy with the outputs produced by the Research Retold team. They are clearly a team of specialists, able to take complex, academic research and translate it into creative, digestible and visually attractive summaries, pulling out the most important messages. It is great to have a partner that understands and is interested in the research content of our work, especially given that it is often quite technical.

Kathleen Latimer, Associate Director Monitoring and Evaluation, WYG

I was really impressed with the speed at which the team grasped the research content and their ability to condense and present this in a highly accessible and engaging way using infographics and neat design; the key messages were distilled and presented very well. I am used to writing in different styles and for different audiences but this only goes so far – the use of graphics is a powerful way to convey research messages. While I have been happy to have a go at this in the past, I am not a graphic designer so the final product is limited by what I can imagine and produce. In Research Retold we had a partner who both understood the research content AND how to present it. 

Dr Rebecca McKelvey, Founder and Director, In2ScienceUK

Working with Research Retold has been such a positive experience! We chose them as our missions are very aligned: to increase public engagement in research. Not only have they produced beautiful designs, they have also given us excellent advice, worked to deadlines and were really welcoming of feedback. Most importantly the resulting impact report is superb and we are very proud. See the report… 

Dr James Harrison, Reader, University of Warwick

Research Retold had a sensitivity to the ideas which I as a researcher wanted to get across. They also had the design skills to turn those ideas into something that people outside academia really wanted to engage with. This is a really rare combination that I have not found before, and has been invaluable in helping me get my research ideas out to a wider audience. Read more…

Dr Anju Keetharuth, Researcher in Health Economics, University of Sheffield

It was a wonderful experience working with the highly professional Research Retold team. The visual summary they produced for us was simple, logical, easy to understand, appealing and did justice to the project in a way that I could not. We now use the visual summaries for all our events with service users, healthcare professionals, academics and policymakers. Read more

Dr Victoria Williamson, Vice-Chancellor`s Fellow for Music, University of Sheffield

Working with Research Retold was a delightful experience mainly because I felt that they actually wanted to understand our research. I would recommend Research Retold to any researcher who wants to present their work in a brief, easy-to-read, visually captivating and creative way! See the infographic…

Dr Adrian Gallagher, Associate Professor in International Relations, University of Leeds

An outstanding process from start to finish. I found Research Retold to be highly professional, helpful, and efficient. They brought fresh insight into how I could re-tell the research to different audiences and produced a final product that gained fantastic feedback and helped to facilitate impact. See the visual summary…

Dr Adam Hill, Lecturer in Audio Engineering, University of Derby

I first came across Mihaela after seeing her give a very impressive pitch at Startup Weekend Sheffield. Research Retold struck me as something that nicely met the needs of the academic community and I was immediately interested in getting involved. Mihaela was able to accurately identify my needs as a customer and delivered an excellent final product which has resulted in quite an impressive amount of impact. See the infographic…

Emma O’Connor, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, MyKindaFuture

We worked closely with Research Retold to create a report that illustrates the social impact of our business for young people and employment across the UK. Mihaela meticulously worked through our statistics and Radina came up with a design that effectively communicated our impact. We were delighted with the final result and used the report to showcase our work at the AGR trade show. Read more…

Neeta Patel, CEO New Entrepreneurs Foundation

We had just finished our UCL impact report and were evaluating the best way to communicate the findings to our community i.e. our trustees, sponsors, future candidates and media. Mihaela approached us in November 2015 with Research Retold, and created an infographic for us that visualises the findings of our impact report in a concise and creative way. We are currently using the document to engage with our community and it’s generating the positive reaction we were expecting! Read more…