Turn your research into an illustration

Illustrations are wonderful. Research findings can lend themselves to this format, capturing the story of your work in a unique way. Using characters and narration, they can bring your research to life and instantly make an impact. Use it to engage with end users, the general public, or partners on the ground.


This is for you if...

✔️  Your research has a human, relatable aspect to it

✔️  You are ready to tell the story of your research

✔️  Your findings can be presented in a creative way

✔️  You are ready to bring your findings to life

✔️  You realise that your research has a unique story to tell

Illustrations are a fantastic way to tell a story. They take the reader through a journey, generating empathy with the characters embodying your research. To help you create one, choose ‘illustration’ as your visual product for a bronze, silver or gold service.

Below is a comparison between all the visual products we offer based on the audience they are most suited for, how formal they are, how long they take to produce, how visually impactful they are and how suitable they are for telling the story of your research.

Which format is best to present your research findings?


Policy brief

Visual summary



Audience most suited for Policymakers, Government bodies, Industry, NGOs, CSOs Poliycmakers, Government bodies, Industry, NGOs, CSOs, Media Government bodies, End users, Industry, General public, Media Partners on the ground, End users, General public
Formal (F) or Informal (I) F F I I
Time it takes to produce √√ √√√ √√√√
Visually impactful √√ √√√ √√√√
Suitable for storytelling X X

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