Planning for Hajj if you are in the UK

Planning for Hajj if you are in the UK

In this post, we share the most important details you must consider when planning for Hajj if you are in the UK. This advice is the result of the research of Professor Seán McLoughlin from the University of Leeds. His research focuses on mapping the UK’s Hajj...

How to run a virtual conference in 13 steps

How to run a virtual conference in 13 steps

To discuss how to run an engaging virtual conference, we’re collaborating with Diego Bermudez, a PhD student at Cardiff University. Diego’s research focuses on developing resiliency and sustainability in payment technologies, and he is based at the Cardiff Business...

Work and life balance during the PhD

Work and life balance during the PhD

Doing a PhD can be quite demanding, and at times, it can seem as if it absorbs all your time and energy. How can you achieve a work and life balance during the PhD? Here we collaborated with Phebe L. Bonilla P. from the University of Sheffield to discuss the value of...

Our review of 2020

Our review of 2020

It’s that time of the year when we can look back and reflect on how 2020 has been for us. In this blog post, we share the highlights of our year and some honest reflections on how it’s been. A huge thank you to our clients, new and old associates and blog...

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Do you have to create and give presentations in your line of work? Are you wondering how to create compelling and impactful presentations? Do you struggle when preparing? These are some of the ideas addressed at the event “Master the art of communicating: A virtual...

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile as an academic

Many of our research clients use LinkedIn and have expressed interest in improving their profiles. So we decided to gather some tips and insights from our team and other academics who encountered the same challenge. In this blog, we share concrete suggestions on how...

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