Communicating complex, technical and nuanced research to targeted and non-academic audiences. We can help you unlock the potential of your findings to make an impact.

Research communication strategies and materials to catalyse impact

Comprehensive support for your research communication and outreach

Our services are tailored to empower you and catalyse the impact you want from your research. We can provide support to communicate your research at every stage of your project, from proposal and set-up, throughout your project, and during outreach activities.

Access our support to create your communications plan or to design effective dissemination materials in multiple formats. Or use our resources or training to build your skills.

Navigating a multitude of impact driven disciplines and topics

We have worked across a wide range of disciplines, covering topics including health systems, sustainable development, fair trade, international development finance, hybrid work, renewable energy generation, engagement in policy and democracy, business management, fertility care, education, oral health, independence movements, and many more.

Transforming complex data into compelling visual narratives, stories and other materials

We can distill complex data and complicated findings into clear, accessible material across diverse formats. We can help you make an impact, creating appealing infographics, visual summaries and policy briefs; engaging presentations, one or two-page flyers, posters and conference banners; dynamic project reports, annual reports and impact reports; beautiful illustrations; interesting comics; social media assets; press releases and media articles; and even videos and animations.

Crafting narratives to communicate Impact

We offer personalised solutions to bring your work to life. Whether you’re a seasoned academic or a budding researcher, we’re your dedicated partners to turn your research into a captivating narrative that not only speaks to the academic community but also captivates a broader audience and makes research actionable.

Research support for universities, NGOs, government and other organisations since 2016:

Case studies:

brand guidelines - case study


Objective: support an interdisciplinary research team from four universities across three Scandinavian countries to cement their project’s identity and develop their outreach and engagement skills.

We designed a tailored training programme and worked together to create their branding guidelines. The GreenPole team is in the research phase and we are running workshops to enable them to communicate their findings in the future.

“My favourite aspects of the “Creating a Policy Brief” workshop were the interactive parts because we learn with one another…

Also getting tangible outputs such as the template is very valuable and will help our outreach and dissemination as a project.”

Nils Droste, Project Coordinator, GreenPole

research insights - case study

Queen Mary University London – SBM Research Insights

Objective: showcase the ground-breaking work of researchers committed to addressing business and societal challenges related to social justice, sustainability, and good governance.

The School of Business and Management policy briefs are aimed at policymakers, industry and practitioners who can use these insights to inform their decisions.

We designed and co-developed the first five policy briefs and website assets, and a template so researchers can create future dissemination materials.

“Research Retold produced a very attractive and user-friendly interactive toolkit based on material that we supplied. The editing and design process was very smooth and Research Retold was always responsive to our comments and requests for changes. I look forward to working with you again!”

Tessa Wright, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London

Petitioning Parliament

Objective: communicate the findings of a research project on petitioning Parliament in twentieth-century Britain.

We created a visual summary, report and other materials, designed to appeal to MPs, officials, parliamentary staff, think tanks, NGOs, campaign professionals, and other policy audiences.

“I had produced a report for the Petitions Committee in the UK Parliament and wanted something that communicated it in a quicker and more effective manner, thinking of busy politicians and officials. Research Retold produced a fantastic brief, accompanied by useful material that I could easily integrate into social media. Throughout the process, they ensured they understood which key messages I wanted to focus on. I was impressed with their professionalism and how they built in feedback to fully understand what I was after for my audience. It’s been a true delight working with them.”

Prof Cristina Leston-Bandeira, Professor of Politics, POLIS, University of Leeds

Better Connect – Impact Report

Objective: demonstrate this not-for-profit’s transformative impacts to funders, partners and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.

Better Connect’s report shows how its funded programmes enable people to move into employment or training and get the support they need to thrive. Using data, stories and other evidence, it also highlights its unique role in enabling partners to become more impactful, resilient and sustainable. We edited and designed the report and social media assets.

“Working with the team at Research Retold has been great! They really listened to what we wanted, took feedback on board and ultimately created something fantastic. The team are clearly very talented and enthusiastic about what they do and we are excited to continue to work with them on future projects.”

Hannah Prole, Impact Manager, Better Connect

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