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We design and edit beautiful research summaries, impact reports and other material.

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Policymakers, government departments and civil servants? Existing and potential funders? The media? Industry? Other academics? Communities and members of the public? Work with us to turn complicated findings or dense reports into accessible materials for specific audiences.

What do you want them to do or understand?

Research informs evidence-based policymaking, resource allocation and practitioner approaches. It can influence positive change in societies, or unlock public and stakeholder excitement about a previously overlooked topic. We tailor our research support services to your priorities.

How can your research stand out?

Bring your research to life with beautiful summaries in high-impact formats, or use our research support services as an extension to your communications department.

Some of what we offer:





one pagers

One Pagers

policy briefs

Policy Briefs

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Working across academic and research disciplines

Over 1000 Collaborations

…with researchers in Universities, international NGOs, charities, think tanks, networks and research organisations in the UK and worldwide.

Topics include public health, economic development, fair trade, political engagement, democracy, education, engineering, psychology and renewable energy.

Workshops and resource-users worldwide

We’ve delivered interactive workshops in-person and online for thousands of researchers, addressing their objectives and building their research communication skills. 

Our book, guide and other resources give academic and other researchers effective tools to learn and communicate.

Research support for universities, NGOs, government and other organisations since 2016:

Our story and values

“I trained as a social and data scientist and moved to Brussels in 2013 to work in public affairs. There I saw how visual communication played a pivotal role in conveying complex research to policymakers. When I returned to academia in the UK I was struck by how often researchers struggled to bridge the gap between their findings and the audiences they wanted to reach. So in 2016 I set out to bring the power of visual storytelling to the research realm.

“Today my team of skilled communicators from the academic and business worlds deliver a suite of research support services, making research accessible, engaging, relatable and impactful. We are thrilled to witness the transformative impact of “retelling” research – and to bring our values of honesty, integrity and joy to our work with inspiring researchers, worldwide.”

Mihaela Gruia, Founder and Director, Research Retold

Core Team:

team avatar mihaela

Mihaela Gruia

Founder and Director

team avatar navya

Navya Khanna

Project Manager

team avatar sam

Sam Brown

Senior Graphic Designer

team avatar Jamie

Jamie Veitch

Writer and Editor

team avatar Radina

Radina Metodieva

Graphic Designer

team avatar Rebecca

Roisin Kelly

Executive Assistant

team avatar Savena

Savena Surana

Marketing and Comms Strategist

team avatar Zoe

Zoe Bliss

Project Manager

team avatar Rebecca

Rebecca Collins

Writer and Copyeditor

team avatar Phebe

Phebe Bonilla

Research Communicator

team avatar Rich

Rich Ashby

Video Editor

Tailored and Expandable Teams

If your project requires additional support or specialisms we can deploy our handpicked network of creatives, web designers, developers, writers, animators and technical experts.

We manage any additional team members so you can access research support services tailored to your project without needing to work with multiple partners.

Give your research the impact it deserves