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a comprehensive and invaluable guide:

Mihaela Gruia draws on her extensive experience in academia and research communication to provide invaluable insights and actionable strategies for researchers and communicators alike.

This comprehensive book empowers readers to convey research findings confidently to policymakers, funders, other stakeholders and the public. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or new to the field, this guide is indispensable for making a meaningful impact with your work.

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Our interactive and practical research communication workshops are tailored to meet your objectives, engaging, and fun.

We maximise learning by providing participants with multiple opportunities to practice new skills, reflect and exchange insights, all within a supportive environment.

Workshops have specific outcomes such as designing a policy brief, creating a communications strategy, effective outreach, influencing policymakers and stakeholders, or pitching journalists and giving a media interview.

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How to create a two-page visual summary:

Step-by-step instructions to create one of the most popular research communication formats in our easy-to-follow 32-page guide.

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