Create a research comic

The comic is familiar for many, harping back to the times when we were children. What truly sets the comic apart from all of the other formats is the emphasis on the storyboard that takes the reader through a journey – a beginning, a middle and an end –  and has the power to emotionally connect with the audience.

A comic is for you if...

  • Your research has a human, relatable aspect to it
  • Your findings can be presented in a creative way
  • Your research has a unique story to tell

Similar to illustrations, the comics are bespoke to your research project and can truly only be created in collaboration with a designer or illustrator.

Create a research comic

Create an emotional connection with your audience by creating a comic of your research.

Comics are by far the funnest format to work with.

In many ways they are the hardest because the format is completely different than what researchers are used to producing. Yet, in other ways, it can also be a simple process because you are stripping the content back to its essence, asking a simple question:

“What’s the story?”

You can use your imagination to think of unique characters and how your research findings impact their life.

University: University of Sheffield
Topic: Social prescribing, social care in the community
Audience: End users, charities, general public

Create an infographic from your research

Organisation: Bristol University
Topic: Austerity in the UK
Audience: Communities on the ground and general public

Showing the contrast between two neighbourhoods and the lives of two girls.

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