Design a research report

It’s common for research findings to be published in a long report. But there is also a need for that report to be appealing and engaging.


We can design your report by…

  • Giving it a polished look and feel
  • Proofreading and formatting the content
  • Adding supporting visuals that engage the reader and break up the text

We design your freshly-published report to give it a polished, professional feel. We can also proofread and copyedit the content to ensure the language is as straightforward as it can be.

Capture the detail of your research in a polished report.

As much as we like to produce short formats, we undestand that there is a time and a place for a detailed document. Where you can add information about the methodology, go into the caveats of your findings or include important case studies and annexes.

We can help you create a polished report and maintain a professional look and feel across all the communication materials associated with your research.

We can help copyedit and format the report, and then take it into an existing design direction, or give it a completely new look aligned with the topic and your audience.


Case studies:


Organisation: University of Warwick

Topic: Police and UK border control

Audience: Police forces



Organisation: In2scienceUK

Topic: Impact report

Audience: Funders and partner organisations


Research support for universities, NGOs, government and other organisations since 2016:

Give your research the impact it deserves