Turn your research into a visual summary

Visual summaries are the format that we typically recommend for researchers who have qualitative data to work with. In essence, visual summaries are a blend between text and visuals to support that text and bring it to life.

A visual summary is for you if...

  • Your research contains qualitative data
  • Your findings can be presented in a creative way
  • Your findings can be communicated visually

Overall, the visual summary is less data heavy and more focused on the text and the narrative, with the visuals occupying more of a supporting role to stimulate the reader and keep them engaged. Use it to engage with policymakers, government bodies, end users, industry representatives and the media.


Turn your research into a visual summary

The visual summary is perfect dissemination tool for your qualitative research.

A visual summary is a visual document that displays your research findings in a clear and appealing way.

Visual summaries are one of our most popular visual products. They make you stand out from the crowd and are a fantastic dissemination tool. You will always leave a copy of your visual summary behind when you meet stakeholders interested in your research or send it as an attachment in an email before a meeting or conference call.

Organisation: Leeds City Council
Topic: Social isolation
Audience: Investors

Create an infographic from your research

Organisation: University of Leeds
Topic: Innovation in corporations
Audience: Technical and product managers, engineers

Organisation: Warwick University
Topic: The ethical provenance of UK national treasures
Audience: Policymakers

Organisation: Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Ontario
Topic: Benefits of using non-financial key performance indicators
Audience: CPAs, business audience

Organisation: Fairtrade International
Topic: Fairtrade’s gender strategy in cocoa supply chains
Audience: General public

Organisation: University of Sheffield
Topic: Similarities and differences across the public health systems of the UK nations
Audience: Local councillors, academics, policymakers

Organisation: University of Kent
Topic: Overview of research project – Gateways to the First World War
Audience: Funding councils

Organisation: Queen Mary University London
Topic: EU trade agreements and labour standards
Audience: Policymakers

Organisation: University of Leeds
Topic: Hajj package explainer for British Hajjis
Audience: General public

Organisation: University of Sheffield
Topic: Management of discoloured water
Audience: Businesses

Organisation: Department for International Development, WYG
Topic: Evaluation results: Treating household poverty to reduce poverty in Nigeria
Audience: Policymakers, organisations on the ground

Organisation: University of Sheffield
Topic: Psychological factors in health economic models of obesity
Audience: Researchers

Organisation: Oxford Brookes University
Topic: UK university spinouts and gender
Audience: Universities, researchers

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