Turn your research into a policy brief

By turning your research into a policy brief you can communicate real-life policy scenarios and key recommendations. Use a mix of concise language and relevant visual elements, to help you to make a bigger impact.

A policy brief is for you if...

  • You are ready to engage with policymakers
  • Your research contains direct policy implications
  • Your findings impact upon policy

Use it to engage with policymakers, government bodies, business people, non-governmental organisations or civil society organisations.

Turn your research into a policy brief

Create a policy brief to support evidence-based decision making.

A policy brief is a concise summary of an issue, the policy options to deal with it, and recommendations on the best option.

Policy briefs are ideal for engaging with policymakers or industry representatives. Make it easy for those who shape policy to see how your research can inform their day-to-day activity. A policy brief is ideal position yourself as an expert in your field.

What makes the policy brief stand out from all the other formats is that as an author you offer a clear indication that you know the policy landscape. The content is deeply anchored in the policy reality of the situation.

University: University of Warwick
Topic: Blended finance in international development
Audience: Policymakers

Create an infographic from your research

Organisation: University of Warwick
Topic: Global value chains, trade and inequalities
Audience: Communities on the ground and general public

Organisation: University of Leeds
Topic: Religious activism in the Sikh diaspora
Audience: Policymakers working on extremism

Organisation: University of Leeds
Topic: Peformance-based financing in global health
Audience: Health ministers in 8 African countries

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