Mihaela Gruia, an interview about the Guide to Communicating Research Beyond Academia

Second part of the interview with Mihaela Gruia

Following on from our last post, this week we share the second part of the interview with Mihaela Gruia, founder and CEO of Research Retold, about the ‘Guide to Communicating Research Beyond Academia’

The guide provides practical tips on how research could be visually disseminated and presented in a more engaging way to the stakeholders. In this part of the interview, Mihaela talks about the impact of the guide on the research community and her company, the process of promoting the guide, what entrepreneurs should keep in mind when deciding to write a guide and where you can get your own copy of the guide.

1. What do you hope the impact of the guide will be?

For me, this guide is only the starting point of a wider conversation about research and science communication. My immediate hope is that it gives researchers the tools to take action and make their research more accessible and visual. Beyond this, I am hoping it will spark conversation and generate fresh insights and new ideas about putting research into action.

2. If you had the chance now to re-do the guide, what, if anything, would you change and why?

The guide already has the opportunity for people to write in it and immediately apply their learning, yet I would probably include more sections of practical exercises.

3. Name one thing that you like the most about the guide.

The design.

Second part of the interview with Mihaela Gruia Research Retold

4. What would be your piece of advice for entrepreneurs who are thinking of writing their own guides showcasing their expertise?

I would encourage anyone who has been working in a certain industry for a while to collate that experience in a written format. My number one tip is to get help. Don’t feel that you need to do it on all your own, think of who in your team, what people could help you bring this into the world, keep you motivated and share your enthusiasm along the way!

5. How do you hope to promote the guide?

First, we are promoting the guide on a dedicated page on our website. Second, we’re using our social media channels, our Twitter account, our Facebook page, and our LinkedIn page, to spread the word about the guide with our online communities. Third, we’re sharing the guide with our community of clients, partners, supporters and prospective collaborators to spark conversation about communicating research beyond academia.

6. Would Research Retold come up with a second guide in the near future?

As mentioned (see Part 1 of the interview here), I see this guide as a starting point. Using the positive feedback from our community, I am motivated to update the content and share a second edition with even more tips, strategies and insights for effective research communication.

7. From where can people purchase the guide?

On our website, people can purchase a printed copy of the guide for £17.99. For a limited period of time, we are offering free copies available to download, so pop your email in the form on the page. If you read the guide, we would love to hear your feedback. Get in touch at contact@researchretold.com or tweet at us using the #RRGuide.

Second part of the interview with Mihaela Gruia Research Retold

8. How do you think the guide will contribute to the development of Research Retold?

This guide is helpful for the development of Research Retold in three major ways: it helps establish our expertise as a research communication company, it raises awareness of our brand, and it contributes to new and exciting collaborations.

9. Who would you like to thank for helping you with the guide?

I am grateful to Prof Adrian Smith, Tony Carroll, Prof Allan Pacey, Chris Waiting, Dr Emily Smith-Wooley, Holly Squire, Sarah Geere, Dr Victoria Williamson, Jamie Veitch, Radina Metodieva, Sam Brown and Garrett W Brown for their help and valuable input and contributions to making this guide happen.

Whether you’re just starting out in academia or you’re an experienced researcher with knowledge of how to push your message into the world, the Guide to Communicating Research Beyond Academia gives you a step-by-step guide to create a visual summary of your findings and unleash the potential of your research to make an impact in society.

Get your copy today: www.researchretold.com/guide-to-communicating-research-beyond-academia.

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