Second #TheyDoComms event in Leeds: 3 Takeaways

In this blog post we share three takeaways from the second #TheyDoComms event organised by Branswer on the 22nd of November 2018 at the Natwest Business Accelerator Hub in Leeds.

Branswer is a Leeds-based startup that strives to connect marketers to their clients, by offering them a platform to present their stories through accessible digital methods. At the #TheyDoComms events, professionals offer insights into the marketing and communications industry through their own experiences.

In an intimate setting, the attendees of the #TheyDoComms event learned several useful tips from industry experts and were able to network, laugh and have a good time.

Mihaela Gruia, the founder and CEO of Research Retold, participated as a speaker during their first event in Leeds and shared insights about the research communication industry. On this second event, the panel of 6 speakers included Brian Wood from The Message Collective, Kate Hutchinson of Secret Event Service, Joe Atkinson of Lineup Ninja, Jessica Dodds of The Big Word, Jim Ker of Kingston Unity and Megan Davies of Smash Your To Do List.


Takeaway #1: Craft Your Message

The idea of crafting your brand’s message sounds like an obvious task any striving business owner should complete. However, one important takeaway offered by several speakers, in particular, Joe Atkinson, was the notion of crafting your message and ensuring that this is communicated effectively and received by the right individuals at the right time.

Many businesses struggle to comprehend that anything they offer is meaningless unless it appeals to the appropriate target audience. When it comes to social media, the temptation to oversaturate platforms with content is a continuous battle for many businesses.


It is important to fight against this initial eagerness and instead focus on discovering what one’s target audience is after and to tailor that content to focus on the needs and desires of prospective clients.

Understanding our audience properly allows for an effectively crafted message, which in turn can help develop an authentic relationship.



Takeaway #2: Networking is Key

The speakers at #TheyDoComms event provided unique advice that is useful for any aspiring professional. However, one particular notion was continuously emphasised throughout the evening: the idea that networking is crucial for any individual in any sector of society.

Megan Davies shared the biggest mistake she made when creating her business: believing that networking was not essential and that she could rely solely on the internet.

Kate Hutchinson focused her speech on the importance of human interaction and the simplicity of forming authentic relationships with clients via simple means such as telephone calls.

By making real connections with people, we can better identify their wants and needs, generate empathy and understanding, building rapport and compassion, in a manner that is unobscured by technology and its barriers.



Takeaway #3: Avoid Complacency

A final takeaway from the #TheyDoComms event is the importance of continuously growing and searching for ways to avoid complacency. When sharing their stories, the speakers highlighted how they all experienced profound change throughout their professional lives.

Jim Ker of Kingston Unity explained in no uncertain terms that one should “not become complacent in the industry [they’re] in” as it is very easy to become incumbent once a niche is found. The world is an ever-changing place and Ker accurately pointed out how if you are in first place in a race and keep still, eventually you will soon be behind.

No matter where you are in your professional life, embracing change is the key to continuous growth and averting stagnation.

Thank you to Kayla Herbert and the Branswer team for once again hosting the #TheyDoComms event. Keep up with their latest events and see you at the next one!


Many thanks to Stephen Samuel, our Social Media Strategist, for live-tweeting during the event, and for sharing his takeaways in this blog post.





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