Meet our new marketing interns Research Retold

Meet our new marketing interns!

Happy International Women’s day! I hope you are having a wonderful spring day. 

To celebrate both women and being international, we want to introduce you to our new marketing interns.

Leyla and Carmen are joining us for three months to help with social media, content and PR tasks.


Meet our new marketing interns - International Women's Day

What does the Research Retold internship involve?

Running Research Retold has a lot of moving parts. My main role involves developing relationships with clients and managing our projects through our collaborative, transparent and reliable service.

Yet, we’re also present online, via Twitter and LinkedIn. We use social media to engage with our community, explain how our services and products can add value to researchers, and to share useful insights information with our community about research communication.

This is where the internship comes in. Last autumn was the first time I hired interns at Research Retold, and I wrote then about the roles that Anca, Stephen and Isabel had. Having them onboard was key in developing and growing our online presence.

That experience was a huge learning curve for me in terms of leading and managing a team. At the same time, they gained useful skills and knowledge they can now take into the working world.


Introducing our new social media and content interns - Research Retold

As a result of that successful experience, I have now hired Isabel as our part-time Business Development and Operations Assistant! Isabel will share her journey in an upcoming blog post.

For me, one of the highlights of the internship was learning to ask for help and to delegate tasks. As a result, we now have systems in place for creating, managing and tracking the content we create for our blog and social media.

Another highlight was how international our team was, hailing from Romania, the Philippines and the UK. I’m happy this has remained a key aspect of our team, with our new interns from Indonesia and Spain. Without further ado, here are Leyla and Carmen.


Meet our new marketing interns

Leyla Rose, Social Media Marketing Executive

Meet our new marketing interns - Leyla Rose

Leyla’s role at Research Retold involves being all hands on deck when it comes to social media content. From concept, design and execution, to posting and engaging with our community, through to looking at the analytics, Leyla will immerse herself into our Twitter and LinkedIn platforms to make our brand more visible and vibrant.

“I’m a Public Relations and Strategic Communication postgraduate at Leeds Beckett University. Born and raised in Indonesia, I came to the UK in 2013 to do my Bachelors in Journalism. I loved Leeds so much that I decided to return to do my Masters.

I have done journalistic work experience for magazines and online publications, creating articles and photos and assisting with editorial photo shoots and interviews. I have also done PR work for hotels and charities.

I love photography, cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, so I’m a bit of a ‘foodporn’ geek. I also enjoy getting outdoors and going on hikes.”


Carmen Aznar, Content and Public Relations Officer

Meet our new marketing interns - Carmen Aznar

Carmen’s role with Research Retold involves supporting the publication of new blogs, from formatting and layout, through to writing content and optimising it for SEO. Carmen also searches relevant brand exposure opportunities, including awards and events that align with our mission of making research accessible.

“I am a postgraduate student at Leeds University Business School, doing a master in Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations. I was born and raised in Madrid and moved to the UK six months ago.

After obtaining my undergraduate degree in Advertising and Public Relations, I gained experience in Customer Experience and Corporate Communications. My work experience gave me insights into both the ‘client’ and ‘agency’ sides of the business.

I am a big fan of literature. I love reading all kinds of books, from F. S. Fitzgerald and the Lost Generation to J. K. Rowling. I spend my free time practicing with makeup and becoming my friends’ makeup artist. My motto? If the plan involves ice cream, my answer is yes.”


Meet the new interns of Research Retold

I am excited about our new marketing interns will contribute to our team and about working together to make things happen.

Follow us at @researchretold and on our company page to stay up to date with our content over the next three months!

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