Social media marketing internship

Reflections on our Social Media Marketing Internship

Last week we finalised our second internship programme.

So we asked Leyla, our Social Media Marketing Executive, to share her experience about the internship.

 Social media marketing internship

Tell us a little about yourself. Why did you apply for the social media marketing internship?

I am a Masters student at Leeds Beckett University, studying MA Public Relations and Strategic Communication.

As part of my course, I have to complete a work placement in either an in-house or consultancy public relations and communication role.

I found the Research Retold internship advertised on Indeed and it sounded perfect as it involved working in communication and being creative. Plus, the fact that it was 10 hours a week meant I could fit it around my studies.

Since Research Retold is a start-up, I wasn’t expecting a ‘Devil Wears Prada’ type of PR job. During my interview, I got the impression that this will be a more relaxed experience.

The job environment suited my working style as it’s very friendly and laid back. Being in a co-working space also had its benefits, like meeting people who work in different industries and bouncing ideas off each other.


What were the highlights of your social media marketing internship?

I really appreciated the fact that Mihaela wanted each of us to have our own role rather than just label us as ‘interns’. This gave me a clearer outlook on what my job was and made me feel more valued.

Another highlight was the fact that we were an international team. It has been a pleasure working with Carmen from Spain, Isabel from the Philippines and Mihaela from Romania.

I think the best teams consist of people who are from different cultures, and this has been the case during my internship. We all have different strengths and we’ve collaborated well together.


What new skills have you learned during this social media marketing internship?

Handling and creating content for Research Retold’s social media channels has given me insight into what it’s like to manage a company’s corporate reputation. This has enabled me to fully embrace the company’s personality.

Through this learning experience, I realised that I want to specialise in an in-house public relations role in the future. An in-house position would also mean I get to put more focus into the work as opposed to working for multiple clients simultaneously.

Moreover, by working alongside Carmen, the Content and Public Relations Officer, I have developed my WordPress skills. I have learned about the different formatting options for our blog, how to change and add elements, and bring a blog post to life.

Lastly, I have also learned more about marketing, as all of us worked on the company’s marketing strategy.

 Social media marketing internship

What were the most challenging aspects of the social media marketing internship?

The element I found most challenging from this internship was juggling university assignments with work. Most of the time I was able to keep on top of things. Yet, during my deadlines in April it was quite tricky to find a balance between university, work and looking after myself.


What advice would you give someone who is looking to apply for an internship with us?

I would advise them to always ask for help when needed. An internship is about learning and you’re not expected to know everything. Also, Mihaela is open to any questions or concerns that you may have.

I am really grateful for the experience I have gained during this internship. It has built my confidence both personally and professionally. I am also happy that my work has made a positive impact on Research Retold.


Finally, can you describe the experience of your internship 3 words?

Stimulating, fun, thought-provoking.



Many thanks to Leyla for looking after our online communities on Twitter and LinkedIn and for being a friendly, helpful and creative team member. Many thanks also to Carmen for her invaluable help with our blogging and marketing efforts.

If you are interested in an internship with us, please get in touch.


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