Our research support services

Researchers are competing for attention in a world saturated with information.

How can you ensure your work receives the attention it deserves?

Research Retold can help you communicate your research effectively and accessibly – so you deliver more social impact.

Researchers and evaluators can commission a range of services from Research Retold – depending on the scope of your work and the outcomes you wish to achieve.

Consultation Research Retold


Our research support products involve a combination of skills from graphic design, marketing, copy-editing and visualisation that will enable you to present your key research findings and engage with your audience in the most effective way possible. Use these products to engage with policymakers, end users, the media, the general public, industry representatives and NGOs or civil service organisations.


Our policy briefs create maximum impact by communicating real-life policy scenarios and key recommendations through a mix of concise language and relevant visual elements.

How do we create a policy brief?


Capture the essence of your research through a visual summary. We incorporate simple and strategic elements that beautifully complement your key research findings.

How do we create a visual summary?


Infographics are one of our most effective storytelling tools. We develop visually appealing content that can spark your audience’s interest and deliver knowledge instantly.

How do we create an infographic?


Bring your research findings to life through unique illustrations and infocomics that seamlessly combine text and highly creative imagery, digital characters and hand-drawn elements.

How do we create an illustration?


Our research communication services are tailored to suit short, medium and long-term collaborations. Select any of our four research products from above for each of the three services below:


Starting at £1200

3-4 week collaboration

Send us an <1,000-word research summary

Editorial advice on the text and structure

Design of 2 or 4-page product (see options above)

Online and print versions

6 feedback opportunities

Send us your research summary


Starting at £2100

5-6 week collaboration 

Send us a ≤10,000-word research report

We summarise it into ±1,000 words

Full editorial advice on the text and structure

Full design 2, 4 or 6-page product (see options above)

Can include front and back covers

Online and print versions

6 feedback opportunities

Hard copy of our Guide to Communicating Research Beyond Academia

Send us your report today


Starting at £4500

Minimum 4-month collaboration

We help you develop a series of products

Perfect for a policy brief series or a series of impact case studies

Branding aligned with your institution or research centre

Opportunity for several researchers within your team to get their findings across

Ideal to proactively engage with stakeholders beyond academia

We produce 4 products (see options above)

We offer editorial advice on each product

Unique design for 2 or 4-page products

Online and print versions

Hard copy of our Guide to Communicating Research Beyond Academia

Start creating your briefing series

Do you want to include us in a research bid?

If you are currently writing a research proposal, under the ‘Pathways to Impact’ section feel free to include the estimated figures included on this page as well as some information about who we are and how a potential collaboration with us will unfold.

Here is a template used by one of our clients. If you have any questions, drop us a line below or give us a ring at 07501704527:

“Research Retold (www.researchretold.com) are specialists in research communication. They turn lengthy and complicated research reports into easily digestible and visual summaries. They offer a unique, flexible service, with a tried and tested process and efficient turnaround. We are choosing to work with Research Retold for three main reasons. First, they offer a straightforward service which will turn our research into an accessible and appealing visual output. Second, they have a track record of successfully working with academics across UK universities and delivering a range of visual documents. Third, their mission of creating lasting social change aligns with our own values. By working with Research Retold, we will save time, benefit from research communication and design expertise, as well as maximise opportunities for our research to be used. The [insert name of product] that will be produced by Research Retold will be key to our dissemination strategy beyond academia. To facilitate impact, we will work with Research Retold. This will develop in the following stages […].” 

Working with your Research Support Team

Research Retold is an approved supplier to five Russell Group universities. We can work with you and your academics to support them in showing the impact of their research. Get in touch with Mihaela at mihaela@researchretold.com for a conversation on how we can work together.

Do you have an urgent deadline? Use our express service

We firmly believe that it’s important to take time and develop a project with patience and meticulousness. But we also understand the world of research and pressing deadlines, for example, an important meeting or a conference at which you need to make additional impact. We are able to deliver express research communication services with 1-week turnaround. An additional fee of £1000 will be incurred and your timely feedback will be imperative to making this a success.

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary?

If you have an idea in mind that is a bit out of the oridinary and you need help to bring it life, get in touch with Mihaela at mihaela@researchretold.com for a conversation to scope it out and see how we can help you.


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